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Fife Moving and Storage - Residential

Corporate Relocation Services

Pittsburgh businesses have a wide range of moving and storage needs. From employee transfers, office relocations, and record storage, Fife is your corporate logistics partner.

Office Relocation

Moving an office takes time and planning. It also takes the experience to do it well. Fife professional office movers are ready to help you make a successful move with minimal disruption. Learn more about our office moving service.

Employee Relocation

In addition to the residential market, Fife Moving also provides relocation services to corporations and their employees nationwide. Fife offers special services to its corporate relocation clients. We can assist in developing a formal corporate relocation policy that will provide consistent service to your businesses as well as your employees no matter the size or distance of the move. Fife Moving can also handle relocation services for your employees. Our professional sales consultants will work out the logistics to keep your employees happy. We use the same attention to detail regardless of whether they are moving across the state or across the globe, keeping their belongings safe and secure in transit.

Records Storage

Office space is a premium. When you have to retain records but do not require regular access, Fife storage and warehouse services have the secure, climate-controlled facilities you need. Learn more about corporate storage.

Equipment Shipping Service

From copiers to trade show exhibits and all in between, you have special shipping needs. Fife professional movers are trained to handle sensitive equipment, odd shaped or oversized items and the one-offs that companies need to handle. Contact us for any specialty moving service you require.